How are you today?

Andy Leborne is considered a great visual story teller,  (siti di fotografi stranieri), who lives in Luxemburg and Amerika. He was born and grew up in Germany. Educated in professional photo techniques by the New York Institute of Photography, Andy began his artistic work with traditional 35mm film cameras, but soon turned to larger formats and very early he started to use digital image processing. Today he embraces all the advanced techniques of digital photography, especially to give his images this typical surrealistic touch for which they are well known. 

Andy actually wants to ask questions about the loneliness and surrealistic character inherent in life and things. Therefore, his artistic position is distinguished by complementary and controversial concepts. Is our whole environment as real as we usually feel it?

And more importantly, by trying to reverse our viewpoint, might there be a chance to escape, at least now and then?

Leborne lives and works rather reclusive today and his works are mostly collected by private clients and companies all over the world, which is a good match for his travel activities. He took assignments now and then, if they where in line with his message; for instance the German ‘Computer Zeitschrift’ published his portraits of sales women, being the best in their field, or some architectural work for a real estate’s developers promotion campaign. His landscapes could be watched during a permanent exhibition in a private gallery in Stockholm in 2010. His single exhibition 2012 in the Netherlands ‚Lonely but not alone‚ was a great success with about 2000 visitors. Andy is featured in the saatchi online homepage in September 2013, followed by his next single exhibition ‚Seitenblicke‘ (Sideglance) – a piece of Street Photography in the beginning of 2017. The year 2018 saw two more Solo Exhibitions of Andy, both came up in Germany.

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